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A FREE Program from Shin Ho Kwan


Once a week, martial art instructors from all over the world are receiving an email with one martial art drill to make their classes more exciting and as a result increase their school’s student retention.  


The question always is, “What exactly do I get and how much is it going to cost?”


You “Get” a weekly email (Only One a Week – No More, No Less) that contains:


  • A link to a single page pdf file with one martial art drill that you can download & print.
  • A weekly bonus that is either:
    • a link to a single page pdf file with one martial art exercise that you can download & print.
    • a link to an interesting blog post, video or news article that will give you something to think about and enhance the drills in this program.
    • a tip or trick for increasing student retention.

How much does it cost?  NOTHING & it never will!

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