Shin Ho Kwan offers Kukkiwon Dan/Poom processing/certifications to the following schools and individuals:

  1. Shin Ho Kwan Class ‘A’ Member Schools
  2. Shin Ho Kwan Member Black Belts not affiliated with a Class ‘A’ Member School
  3. Unaffiliated Shin Ho Kwan Schools, with a Kukkiwon Black Belt in good standing (4th Dan and up), that are not able to process Kukkiwon Dans/Pooms for their students.  These schools must submit a copy the their instructor’s Kukkiwon Dan certification.  Shin Ho Kwan will process Dan/Poom applications up to one rank below the rank on the submitted certificate.
  4. Black Belts (1st – 3rd Dan) that do not have an instructor and would like to receive Kukkiwon certification. These individuals must take one of the two national promotion examination held annually and conducted by Shin Ho Kwan. Shin Ho Kwan will not offer examinations to black belts above the rank of 3rd Dan that are not directly affiliated with Shin Ho Kwan as either an individual member or as a member of a Class A School.

Shin Ho Kwan’s Kukkiwon Dan/Poom Processing Fees (Number of concurrently submitted applications):

1 – 5:  $15/application.

6 – 10: $10/application.

11 – 100: $5/application.

Note: The above fees are for processing the applications and do not include Kukkiwon’s promotion fee.


General Comments:

Shin Ho Kwan regularly receives emails from individuals looking to receive Kukkiwon certifications, below are samples of the questions we receive and our responses:

  • “Can’t I just send in a video of me doing my forms?  I can’t attend any of the Shin Ho Kwan Promotion Examinations.” Answer: No. Promotion exams test an individual’s knowledge under pressure.  An individual demonstrating their required material in front of a video camera is not under any pressure and the video therefore does not offer an accurate account of their ability under pressure.
  • “I already have a 6th degree black belt, issued by Grandmaster ______, can’t you just issue me a Kukkiwon 6th Dan based on that?”  Answer: No. Shin Ho Kwan does not process Kukkiwon skip dans (issuing a higher dan to an individual that has never received a Kukkiwon 1st Dan).  The reason for this is that Kukkiwon has very strict requirements for skip dans and these requirements are constantly changing.
  • “How much would it cost to get a Kukkiwon Dan without testing?”  Answer: Shin Ho Kwan will not just arbitrarily issue/process Kukkiwon Dans/Pooms.


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