Throw Module 1 – Level 1 Throws

This module contains 12 throws in 4 different categories: Leg Throws, Hip Throws, Hand/Arm Throws, Sacrifice Throws.  These throws, within the Shin Ho Kwan curriculum,  are taught to color belts.  However, they could easily be added to a black belt curriculum.  Below is a list of the throws contained within this module:

Foot/Leg Techniques

  • Large Outer Sweep
  • Small Outer Sweep
  • Large Inner Sweep
  • Small Inner Sweep

Hip Techniques

  • Hip Throw
  • Hip Wheel
  • Hip Sweep
  • Belt Grab Hip Throw

Hand/Arm Techniques

  • Two Arm Shoulder Throw
  • Two Hand Rotation Throw

Sacrifice Techniques

  • Circular Throw
  • Leg Trap Throw